Why BeSnuggled?

Touch is one of the most essential elements of human development: a profound method of communication, a critical component of the health and growth of infants and a powerful healing force. Ample research has demonstrated that tactile stimulation is extremely important for development and maintenance of physiological and psychological regulation in infants, children and adults, and touch has been an essential part of ancient healing practices. 
 The medicinal aspect of touch has been known and used since earliest recorded medical history, 25 centuries ago. 

Research shows that baby monkeys deprived of cuddling by their mothers fail to thrive and often have developmental and mental problems, even if they’re provided with the food, water, and shelter necessary for survival. Being hugged regularly, on the other hand, boosts self-esteem, as evidenced by a study from the University of North Carolina. There, researchers found that couples who hugged each other for prolonged periods had higher levels of hormones that ease depression, reduce cravings, and increase immunity.

Touch triggers a cascade of healing chemical responses including a decrease in stress hormones and an increase in seratonin and dopamine levels. Additionally, touch has been shown to increase the immune system's cytotoxic capacity, thereby helping our body maintain its defenses and
decreasing anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, inattention, stress hormones and cortisol levels. 

Non-sexual nurturing touch is a basic human need, distinct from sexual touch. In our culture, it is too easy to think of touch as only sexual. We have forgotten that emotionally nurturing, warm, non-sexual touch is also a human need. A hand on the shoulder can symbolise friendship or support. A hug offers comfort when we are sad or friendship when we greet or take leave of a friend. Holding a hand says, “I’m here with you.”

Touch is important for healthy development and healing, but Euro-American cultures in general have developed a set of unspoken taboos in regard to touch. At BeSnuggled we aim to break through these taboos by offering cuddles and snuggles to anyone who needs them. We realise that offering a professional cuddle service exposes us to criticism and misunderstanding, but we believe deeply in what we do and we're not deterred by naysayers.  Touch is one of the most basic forms of human relatedness, and at BeSnuggled you can rediscover the power of touch in a 
safe, comfortable and non-sexual environment.

Would you like to become a professional cuddler?  Visit Cuddle Professionals UK to find out more.