Why We Need Touch

Because human beings are wired to touch and be touched, the absence of touch causes disturbances in both mind and body. Touch helps create psychological and physical wellness, and touch deprivation contributes to illness at many levels.
1.  Stress and Relaxation:  Touch deprivation increases stress and body tension levels behaviorally and biochemically.  We feel more pain, and have a harder time focusing on what needs our attention in the moment, and become less resilient to toxins that can instigate disease.  Touch can reduce anxiety and stress levels and bring forth a relaxed, more attentive state. 
3.  Sleep Difficulties:  Research has found a strong relationship to touch deprivation and sleep disturbance.  In studies where young children were separated from their mothers, whether it was because their mothers were hospitalised for the birth of another child or because their mothers were away, the children’s sleep was always affected. Adolescents hospitalised in psychiatric units who received massage for one half-hour a day for a week developed better sleep patterns.
4.  Immune Response:  Touch deprivation can suppress the response of the immune system. 
5. Delayed Growth:  There have been many studies linking touch deprivation and growth deprivation.  Throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, children raised in orphanages had a less than fifty-fifty chance of reaching puberty.
6.  Cardiovascular Disease:  Cardiovascular disease is often exacerbated by a lack of contact with other people.  There are many studies that illustrate that those who have more contact with others are protected from heart disease. 

Professionals agree that the proper use of touch is as powerful as many proven drug therapies, without the cost or side effects of prescriptions. A number of health conditions, such as cancer, asthma, diabetes, and fibromyalgia also benefit from the power of touch. Introduce the powerful benefits of human touch into your life.  Talk, touch, and experience togetherness. Come and BeSnuggled!