FAQ and Terms


Q  Who do you snuggle with?

A  We welcome both men and women, and we are LGBT friendly. Over 18's only.

Q  What sort of people do you snuggle with?

A   Our client demographic is very wide.  Early-20's to seniors, those between-partners and those who have lost their partners, ex-servicemen and women, those who live alone and those who are surrounded by others. Some people who are on their own or single don't often (or ever) get the opportunity to hug others in an intimately meaningful way.  We may have friends that we give occasional hugs, and while that can be a bonding experience it doesn’t come close to the benefits of sustained, more intimate non-sexual contact with another human being. Amazingly many people think that cuddles are only physical, but nothing could be further from reality.  We welcome anyone who needs a snuggle.

Q Why should people pay to snuggle?

A  They don't have to, they choose to.  When I ask my clients to explain why they come for a snuggle I get the same answer over and over again - their desire for physical affection and intimacy.  In an ideal world cuddling-for-hire wouldn't be necessary, but unfortunately we live in a culture where disconnection is the norm. That BeSnuggled satisfies this demand shows that we've lost connection with each other on a genuine, day-to-day level.

Q What will happen when I arrive?

A  Before we snuggle we will have a short chat to go over our Terms and make sure we are both comfortable before any snuggling takes place.  The atmosphere at BeSnuggled is relaxed, friendly and non-sexual.   

Q  What should I wear?

A  Anything loose and comfortable - pajamas or a T shirt and tracksuit bottoms work well. No shorts or tank tops, please. Changing facilities are available.  Oh, and feel free to bring your favourite pillow, blanket or teddy bear.

Q  Where can we snuggle?

A   Wherever you feel most comfortable.  Some people like to snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket, others prefer to snuggle on the bed.

Q Can we have sex during the snuggle session?

A  Absolutely not.  The whole point of BeSnuggled is to provide comforting, non-sexual touch. Snuggling is not a euphemism for sex or prostitution, and any innapropriate requests or behaviour will result in your immediate exit.

Q  What if I become aroused during my snuggle session?

A   It happens sometimes when we get close to others, especially if we haven't had much chance to enjoy touch outside of a sexual context.  Our agreement is to not act on it.  We take a break, if necessary, and it goes away.

Q. Where can I touch you during our snuggle session?

A  Areas normally covered by underwear are off-limits.

Q  Can I talk during my snuggle session?

A   Of course, if you'd like to.  This is your time - nap, chat, listen to soothing music or enjoy the silence.

Q  Do our clothes stay on during the whole snuggle session?

A  Always.  Nudity is never an option.

Q  How will I feel after my Snuggle Session?

A   I hope you'll feel like all those people you see coming out of  yoga studios or spas...relaxed and happy!

Q Is snuggling an actual therapy?

A  Snuggling is not a "recognised" therapy.  It's not available on the NHS, for example, but we think it should be!  Snuggles can be healing, comforting, restorative, rejuvenating, inspiring, insight-producing, and challenging of your preconceived ideas. 

Q.  What do you need from me when I book?

A.  In line with similar services I will ask you to sign an Agreement and Waiver, which will be sent to you after you book.  Please sign this and bring it with you to your session.  I will also ask you to scan and send me a copy of any form of official photo ID such as a driving licence or passport.  This is for our mutual safety and security, and is a non-negotiable.

Q  Do you expect a tip?

A  No, a tip is never expected.



Please note that there is discreet security on the premises at all times.

Privacy Policy

BeSnuggled  observes a strict privacy policy, and we never share client identity or personal information.


All snuggle sessions must be pre-paid in full after your date and time is confirmed.  

Cancellation Policy 

No refunds can be issued for cancellations once a booking has been taken.  We are always happy to re-schedule your session as long as you give us 7 days notice.  Please call us as soon as possible if you need to change your appointment.


Please shower before arriving and ideally use mouthwash, especially if you are a smoker.  Avoid wearing strong perfume or aftershave.   

Entry and Refunds: 

  • Please arrive on time as your session cannot be extended if you are late.  
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry if we suspect you are under the influence of drink or other drugs.  
  • We will terminate a session immediately with no refund should you act in an inappropriate manner, either verbally or physically.  
  • Our snuggle sessions are intended for people who are basically well.  If you are consulting a doctor or therapist or are on medication for any emotional issues please do not book a session without checking with them first.