The Cuddle Sutra

At BeSnuggled we have our very own copy of The Cuddle Sutra by Rob Grader, the definitive cuddling resource. It's filled with detailed descriptions and illustrations of all the ways we can cuddle and snuggle, whether in the privacy of our own home or walking down the street together.

From the moment we're born we want to be held. Infants relish being snuggled in their parents' arms, and children love to snuggle. Where did we lose track of just how powerful snuggling and cuddling can be? 

There are cuddles of all levels in here.  From public to private, the book gives us a variety of choices.  There are plenty of cuddle options for reading, watching TV, or just hanging out, and there are cuddles for people who want to sprawl out a bit. You could do them on a picnic blanket in the park, or on the floor while you lay out to watch a movie. There are the classic cuddles, where you spoon up against each other to stay warm, and the comfy ones, where you lay your head on your partner's tummy as a pillow.  This is about intimacy of the purest, most wonderful kind. It is about rekindling the human touch that we all crave.  

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